Intermix Expander

Expansion mixer for the masses

We have an exciting new release called the Intermix. Initially
meant to be a mix expander for the G8 divider, it has
morphed into a universal mix expander. The Intermix has 8
attenuverting inputs that mix into one output. A gain switch
changes the output level of all three outputs to match the
use: high gain for opening a filter, or lower gain for setting
pitch on a VCO.

The Intermix opens up many new possibilities for the G8. For
example, it can be used as a sequencer, or clock the G8 with
a VCO and the Intermix becomes a waveform generator.

Multiple Intermixes can be chained together to produce
multiple channels off of one G8. So you can do things like
use one channel for pitch, a second channel for opening a
filter, and a third for changing the tempo of the oscillator
clocking the G8.

There are 2 modes available. Both modes mix all 8 inputs
into one output. The first mode has min and max outputs.
The second mode has separate outputs for the left and right
bank of knobs. This allows for two 4-output devices to be
mixed separately.

"Universal" means the Intermix can tie other modules such
as the Chaos Computer. All 8 analog outputs of the Chaos
Computer are available for mixing. In two channel mode the
Intermix can mix the X and Y outputs of the Chaos Computer
separately. The intermix can also attach to other modules
such as the 4ms QPLFO. In fact, in two channel mode the
Intermix could tie to two QPLFOs.

This 8HP module has a maximum 60mA current draw.
Module depth is 40mm.