Liquidus Filter

4-Pole Lowpass

Liquidus is a warm, compact 4hp 4-pole lowpass filter
featuring new release of the SSM2044 chip, made
famous in the Korg Polysix, Mono/Poly, Crumar Bit 01,
Emu Emulator, Emu SP12, and PPG Wave, amongst
others. It features CV over resonance and filter
frequency. It is a great sounding, creamy, fat little filter
with good range and well behaved resonance. Its small
form factor means it will fit in the coziest of systems
including skiffs. The frequency CV is volt per octave so
you can do a tracking filter or create pinged filter
percussion effects, or go into self-oscillation to act as an
experimental oscillator. The filter also has a separate
EXP control input with attenuator to allow fun stuff like FM
patches. It excels at filter FM, creating very smooth audio
rate modulations. Add true fat vintage warmth to your
system in just 4hp!

This 4HP module has a maximum 20mA current draw.
Module depth is 38mm.